“Like a First Kiss” release and work with Alsina Publishing

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I announce my story “Like a First Kiss” has been published alongside many other great authors in Alsina Publishing’s new app, Lingo Bites.

Lingo Bites uses storytelling to teach language, so you can read my story and others in a variety of languages.

“Like a First Kiss” began with a one-word call for submissions from a group I subscribe to on Facebook: kill. I realized I had never killed anyone in my stories, at least not in a way where the death becomes a major plot point or guiding force. Public speakers have been assassinated, mothers have died of cancer and men have committed suicide by swallowing a bullet, but their deaths were never the story, so to speak. They were always a passing detail to reveal history and character or to provide (morbid) comedic effect.

With “Like a First Kiss” the death in this story is the story. “Like a First Kiss” is about a hitman in Flagstaff, Arizona. It’s about how, despite its romanticization and excitement, a job can lose its lure and become work, tedious and monotonous. It’s about our desperate attempts to keep life fresh and exciting. And, of course, it’s about pie.

I enjoyed writing this story, and I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

Thank you,

– Gabriel Matthew Granillo


Read “Like a First Kiss” and other stories by downloading Lingo Bites: here

Learn more about Alsina Publishing: here

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