Spent grain story in Mountain Living Magazine

I recently wrote the cover story for the August issue of Mountain Living Magazine. I was proud of this story for a few reasons: 1) This is the last monthly issue of the magazine. Beginning Sept. 8, Mountain Living will become a weekly section within the Arizona Daily Sun, replacing our Sunday Arts & Living section. There will still be glossy magazine issues of Mountain Living Magazine which will be produced four times a year, however, we will also have this recurring weekly section–it was given to us under the guise that this would ultimately become less works, but I’m still waiting to see my workload dwindle. 2) I focused on shooting the entire story, as well as writing copy. And 3) the story ended up becoming more than an average beer story, of which there are many.

In talking with my editor, we landed on a focus which was sustainability in beer production. As we know, Flagstaff is a beer-lover’s town, with about 10 breweries in constant production. This overabundance of beer led us to thinking about all that goes into producing beer and all that is left after the beer is created. Spent grain seemed like a great focus, so I started there, following Zach Wolfe down to his ranch in Camp Verde. From there the story flowed like beer from a tap.

Visit http://namlm.com/index.htm to read the entire Mountain Living Magazine August issue. Below is a gallery of photos from the reporting.

‘Nobody gets into the cattle business because you’re going to get rich. You get into the cattle business because you just enjoy working with the land,’ Zach says.

Zach and Shannon Wolfe of Plowing Ahead Ranch.
Grain silos outside of Mother Road Brewing Company’s new Butler location in Flagstaff.
Mother Road’s Butler location utilizes a new auger to help transport spent grain to dump trucks for pick up.
Zach initially started raising his own chickens because of issues he’d have with store-bought food. ‘I’d feel like someone punched me in the stomach,’ he said.
Spent grain from Lumberyard’s brewing process.

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