The Word

The Word is a monthly audio series at Flagstaff Live! The series typically expands on one of our written word stories and has featured poetry and fiction readings, musical performances and extended audio interviews. For The Word, I act as a producer, editor, narrator and audio engineer.

To listen to The Word, click here.

Music and Soundtrack Work

I’ve composed a number of compositions for short films and video games and am familiar with digital audio workstations such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Logic. You can listen to my music via Soundcloud or Band Camp.

The Savannah Divide (OST)

A documentary by D.J. Fullmer focusing on community policing in Savannah, Georgia.

Albatross (OST)

A video game concept by Jocylyn Engstrom about lost love and retribution, nautical in theme.

Peaks and Valleys

In 2016, I created the audio series, Peaks and Valleys, for which I produced, edited and narrated.

The series acted as a long-form exploration of art, culture and life in northern Arizona, with topics ranging from deafness to homelessness, as well as profiles on local artists and musicians.