Spent grain story in Mountain Living Magazine

I recently wrote the cover story for the August issue of Mountain Living Magazine. I was proud of this story for a few reasons: 1) This is the last monthly issue of the magazine. Beginning Sept. 8, Mountain Living will become a weekly section within the Arizona Daily Sun, replacing our Sunday Arts & LivingContinue reading “Spent grain story in Mountain Living Magazine”

NOLA gallery | 05.23-29

I spent the last week of May visiting my good friend Jelena Gonzalez in New Orleans, Louisiana. I loved exploring the history of the French Quarter, the Mississippi River and Louisiana. One of the most interesting things was learning about how New Orleans and the surrounding area is still reeling from the effects of KatrinaContinue reading “NOLA gallery | 05.23-29”

‘The Absolved’ review with Entropy

I’m pleased to announce that my review of Matthew Binder’s new sci-fi novel, The Absolved, has been published with Entropy. Entropy is a literary magazine/website/community space which I’ve read and admired for about a year now, so it really is a pleasure to be featured on its website. When seeking out potential publications for the review, Entropy was theContinue reading “‘The Absolved’ review with Entropy”

2018, The year of the portrait

Photography is not my main focus.  I consider myself a multimedia journalist in that I can work in multiple mediums, and I believe my skills line up in the order as follows: written word, audio, photography and video.  One thing I wanted to focus on this year was becoming a better photographer. I wanted toContinue reading “2018, The year of the portrait”

Happy Fourth. America First.

On assignment, I attended Flagstaff’s annual Fourth of July Parade. In the days leading up to the parade, a few friends of mine and I had expressed our feelings of disdain for our country, the ways in which our president and his administration use their powers, subvert the truth and, despite that, seek adulation fromContinue reading “Happy Fourth. America First.”

Arizona Press Club Awards, Spent Saints review

Earlier this year I submitted a few stories to the Arizona Press Club’s 2017 Writing and Design Competition. From its website: The Arizona Press Club is a nonprofit organization of professional reporter, editors, photographers and designers from publications across the state. our goal is to promote excellence in journalism through an annual contest, training seminars, scholarshipsContinue reading “Arizona Press Club Awards, Spent Saints review”

“Man and Beast or: Ernest Hemingway Went Fishing One Day” publication with Flash Fiction Magazine

I’m pleased to announce my short story “Man and Beast or: Ernest Hemingway Went Fishing One Day” has been published with Flash Fiction Magazine. 

Embrace the Uncertainty

Note: This year has been full of accomplishments, creative, professional and personal. I worked as the director of multimedia at The Lumberjack, I graduated from Northern Arizona University, I traveled to Maine for a summer job and I eventually landed a job at FlagLive! I had my first short story “Like a First Kiss” published with LingoBites andContinue reading “Embrace the Uncertainty”