‘The Absolved’ review with Entropy

I'm pleased to announce that my review of Matthew Binder's new sci-fi novel, The Absolved, has been published with Entropy. Entropy is a literary magazine/website/community space which I've read and admired for about a year now, so it really is a pleasure to be featured on its website. When seeking out potential publications for the review, Entropy was the … Continue reading ‘The Absolved’ review with Entropy

Arizona Press Club Awards, Spent Saints review

Earlier this year I submitted a few stories to the Arizona Press Club's 2017 Writing and Design Competition. From its website: The Arizona Press Club is a nonprofit organization of professional reporter, editors, photographers and designers from publications across the state. our goal is to promote excellence in journalism through an annual contest, training seminars, scholarships … Continue reading Arizona Press Club Awards, Spent Saints review

Four Cornered Room Album Release Party at Firecreek Coffee

Photography: Sophie Mitrokostas Since Nov. 8, it has been impossible to have a decent conversation. Donald Trump is now President-Elect Donald Trump, and it appears that is all anybody wishes to talk about. This is not to say that conversations about this man should not happen. However, this is to say that conversations about this … Continue reading Four Cornered Room Album Release Party at Firecreek Coffee

Roam by Cara Alboucq

Living in a town with an elevation of just less than 7,000 feet has a great influence on many things. Aside from how much alcohol it takes to get properly tipsy, the music, too, is affected by the dizzying height, mirroring the varied lifestyles here. A freshman at Northern Arizona University can find music for … Continue reading Roam by Cara Alboucq

When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired by Mothers

Most of us use music as a retreat from the jungle of modern living, of paying taxes and breaking up and going to work and trying to get a decent, honest-to-god black cup of coffee. That’s why pop music is a thing. People would rather listen to Rihanna and Drake sing about work than actually … Continue reading When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired by Mothers

Coming Home by Leon Bridges

Many exciting things were happening in the ‘50s: “I Love Lucy” was in its prime, the space race had just begun, and gas was less than 30 cents. Among all the excitement, the U.S. saw a development in two hip-shaking and terrifying-to-old-people musical genres: rock and roll and soul music, the latter of which seems … Continue reading Coming Home by Leon Bridges

Low, “Ones and Sixes” – Review

  When words like slow or minimalist are used to describe an album it can be off-putting for many listeners. Some might read those words as boring and repetitive. However misguided, it is a fair assumption. There are two types of listening — active and passive, and when an album maintains a moody, quiet atmosphere, … Continue reading Low, “Ones and Sixes” – Review