Fiction & Poetry

Below are links to my published works:


“Man and Beast or: Ernest Hemingway Went Fishing One Day”

An old man meets a smallmouth bass on his wooden boat and ruminates about the difference between man and beast.

This story was published through Flash Faction Magazine. Read the story: here

“Like a First Kiss”

On his way to kill Gregory Jones, a hitman makes a pit stop for coffee and pie at Big Daddy’s Diner in Flagstaff, Arizona.

This story was published by Alsina Publishing through their new language-learning app, Lingo Bites. Read a PDF version of the story here: Like a First Kiss

“Religions are not Potatoes”

Jillian Mabley faces turmoil during her run for city council after leaked audio of her private conversation surfaces.

This story was published in an audio format through Rocky Mountain Revival. Listen to the story: here


“Killer on the Road” and “Man-Made Miles”

Published by And So Yeah Magazine. Read the poems: here


Published by Postcard Poems and Prose. Read the poem: here


Published in Vortex 2014 literary magazine and winner of the 2014 Tony Clark Award for Poetry. Read a PDF version of this poem here: Cups

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