Happy Fourth. America First.

On assignment, I attended Flagstaff's annual Fourth of July Parade. In the days leading up to the parade, a few friends of mine and I had expressed our feelings of disdain for our country, the ways in which our president and his administration use their powers, subvert the truth and, despite that, seek adulation from … Continue reading Happy Fourth. America First.

“Like a First Kiss” release and work with Alsina Publishing

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I announce my story "Like a First Kiss" has been published alongside many other great authors in Alsina Publishing's new app, Lingo Bites. Lingo Bites uses storytelling to teach language, so you can read my story and others in a variety of languages. "Like a First Kiss" began … Continue reading “Like a First Kiss” release and work with Alsina Publishing

It’s All Very Logical

The art of Ana Teresa Fernandez is provocative, no doubt. The first painting of hers that I saw was of a woman in a silk black dress using her hair to mop the shore of an ocean. Instantly, I was attracted. In her interviews she has mentioned her attraction to juxtaposition, to portraying elegant woman … Continue reading It’s All Very Logical