Bowie Ball

If an opportunity to wear a suit presents itself to me, I jump at it. That’s why I’m not so concerned about when I die, because at least then I will forever be in a suit.  So, when Bowie Ball at the Green Room was announced, I already knew my outfit: spruced up, cocaine-free David … Continue reading Bowie Ball

Roam by Cara Alboucq

Living in a town with an elevation of just less than 7,000 feet has a great influence on many things. Aside from how much alcohol it takes to get properly tipsy, the music, too, is affected by the dizzying height, mirroring the varied lifestyles here. A freshman at Northern Arizona University can find music for … Continue reading Roam by Cara Alboucq

Rocky Mountain Revival – “Religions are not Potatoes”

I'm pleased to announce that my audio short "Religions are not Potatoes" was published this week by Rocky Mountain Revival. Rocky Mountain Revival is an audio art journal based out of (you guessed it) Colorado. I am quite proud to be involved with Rocky Mountain Revival as my hope is to produce more audio shorts … Continue reading Rocky Mountain Revival – “Religions are not Potatoes”

When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired by Mothers

Most of us use music as a retreat from the jungle of modern living, of paying taxes and breaking up and going to work and trying to get a decent, honest-to-god black cup of coffee. That’s why pop music is a thing. People would rather listen to Rihanna and Drake sing about work than actually … Continue reading When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired by Mothers

Coming Home by Leon Bridges

Many exciting things were happening in the ‘50s: “I Love Lucy” was in its prime, the space race had just begun, and gas was less than 30 cents. Among all the excitement, the U.S. saw a development in two hip-shaking and terrifying-to-old-people musical genres: rock and roll and soul music, the latter of which seems … Continue reading Coming Home by Leon Bridges

Everything is Energy

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – After deciding I was to attend Northern Arizona University, a friend of mine wrote, “Ah, Flagstaff: where the only thing higher than the mountains are the people.” He was, indeed, correct. With an elevation of just over 12,000 feet, Humphrey’s Peak in Flagstaff is the highest natural point in the state of … Continue reading Everything is Energy

It’s All Very Logical

The art of Ana Teresa Fernandez is provocative, no doubt. The first painting of hers that I saw was of a woman in a silk black dress using her hair to mop the shore of an ocean. Instantly, I was attracted. In her interviews she has mentioned her attraction to juxtaposition, to portraying elegant woman … Continue reading It’s All Very Logical