Spent grain story in Mountain Living Magazine

I recently wrote the cover story for the August issue of Mountain Living Magazine. I was proud of this story for a few reasons: 1) This is the last monthly issue of the magazine. Beginning Sept. 8, Mountain Living will become a weekly section within the Arizona Daily Sun, replacing our Sunday Arts & LivingContinue reading “Spent grain story in Mountain Living Magazine”

NOLA gallery | 05.23-29

I spent the last week of May visiting my good friend Jelena Gonzalez in New Orleans, Louisiana. I loved exploring the history of the French Quarter, the Mississippi River and Louisiana. One of the most interesting things was learning about how New Orleans and the surrounding area is still reeling from the effects of KatrinaContinue reading “NOLA gallery | 05.23-29”

Happy Fourth. America First.

On assignment, I attended Flagstaff’s annual Fourth of July Parade. In the days leading up to the parade, a few friends of mine and I had expressed our feelings of disdain for our country, the ways in which our president and his administration use their powers, subvert the truth and, despite that, seek adulation fromContinue reading “Happy Fourth. America First.”

Defend DACA protest in Flagstaff

On Sept. 5, President Donald Trump announced that the US would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Implementation, however, has been delayed for up to six months to give Congress time to work on a new immigration policy. DACA was founded by the Obama administration in June 2012 and protected certain illegalContinue reading “Defend DACA protest in Flagstaff”

Maine/Massachusetts Photography

Working at Camp Skylemar is a full-time gig. Often, I am unsure of what day it is, as weekends do not exist on camp schedule. On a typical day, we are up by 7am and in bed at around midnight, sometimes later. Despite the long hours, I am thriving, constantly at work which is good,Continue reading “Maine/Massachusetts Photography”

Staff Orientation Week at Camp Skylemar

Maine is a wonderful place–save for all the mosquitos. It’s lush with great green fields that expand deep into the horizon, pushing itself into the blue, blue coast. The days are bipolar, with rain and fog and wind one day and sun and heat and dryness the next. All this makes for an interesting climate,Continue reading “Staff Orientation Week at Camp Skylemar”