‘The Absolved’ review with Entropy

I'm pleased to announce that my review of Matthew Binder's new sci-fi novel, The Absolved, has been published with Entropy. Entropy is a literary magazine/website/community space which I've read and admired for about a year now, so it really is a pleasure to be featured on its website. When seeking out potential publications for the review, Entropy was the … Continue reading ‘The Absolved’ review with Entropy

Roam by Cara Alboucq

Living in a town with an elevation of just less than 7,000 feet has a great influence on many things. Aside from how much alcohol it takes to get properly tipsy, the music, too, is affected by the dizzying height, mirroring the varied lifestyles here. A freshman at Northern Arizona University can find music for … Continue reading Roam by Cara Alboucq

When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired by Mothers

Most of us use music as a retreat from the jungle of modern living, of paying taxes and breaking up and going to work and trying to get a decent, honest-to-god black cup of coffee. That’s why pop music is a thing. People would rather listen to Rihanna and Drake sing about work than actually … Continue reading When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired by Mothers

Coming Home by Leon Bridges

Many exciting things were happening in the ‘50s: “I Love Lucy” was in its prime, the space race had just begun, and gas was less than 30 cents. Among all the excitement, the U.S. saw a development in two hip-shaking and terrifying-to-old-people musical genres: rock and roll and soul music, the latter of which seems … Continue reading Coming Home by Leon Bridges